When the only constant is change, adopting an agile mindset and culture of innovation creates new opportunities to transform the public sector. We help you bring public sector services to life, affordably and efficiently, by harnessing disruptive potential and digital technologies. So you can put the citizens, communities, workers and businesses you serve at the heart of progress.

Innovating where industry and technology intersect, we bring a wealth of expertise to resolve the biggest challenges facing public sector organisations today. We combine fresh thinking, insights and experience with the capabilities to help you modernise and achieve more from your resources.

Whatever your future vision, we enable you to turn new ideas into reality, deliver better experiences and improve outcomes for all those you serve. So, when the world moves, you’re moving ahead.

How we
approach it.

In the face of accelerating change, we help public sector organisations to embrace innovation and transform fast-to operate smarter, achieve more and improve services.

By leveraging our deep industry expertise and applying it to the specific challenges that public organisations face, we can deliver proven solutions end to end. We're infusing government with the fresh thinking it needs to give citizens what they want.

Across the public sector, we’re helping transform organisations to continuously adapt and improve outcomes through innovation.

Back Office Transformation

Our expertise in emerging tech is transforming the back office into innovation hubs.


Revenue agencies increase agility to deliver the experience taxpayers and employees demand.

Public Safety

Explore how public safety, policing and law enforcement evolve in an age of digital disruption.


Our strategy to revive cities? Design, create value, get political buy-in and scale via the ecosystem.

Post and parcel

Capitalising on new tech and trends, like blockchain, eCommerce growth, shifting consumer demands and changing business models to innovate.


Emerging technologies driving innovation in border services. Embrace the new border agency.

Social Services

Reimagining service models and harnessing data insights to drive better decisions, improve program design and deliver more people-centric policies.


As digital natives flood campuses, we're innovating to close the divide between students and administrators

PTPIntegrated along with partners across the world and collaborate to build and operate local solutions that increase efficiencies, reduce cost and grow market share across the value chain.

Since 2013 we’ve worked to deliver value at the core of our clients’ solutions, bringing together people and technology to solve some of today’s most pressing challenges.

" Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed. "

— Carlton Sparks, Executive Officer

The annual Uncode publication showcases 100 of the most innovative solutions from every corner of the globe that are working to create a cleaner, greener future and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Intelligent Energy Management
Green Bonds for Low-Impact Building
Incentivizing Green Commutes for Employees


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Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked…

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